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Self-doubt can be your best ally in life.

Photo by Christopher Alvarenga on Unsplash

What if I tell you that you can use self-doubt to your advantage to boost your confidence? It seems like an oxymoron, but it’s possible, and I’m going to tell you how.

When my ex and I broke up, I felt overwhelmed by self-doubt. My relationship with a narcissist affected my confidence and kept me in a cycle of self-doubt.

I know I’m not the only one. Self-doubt can creep into your personal and professional life when you try something new — like being single. Thoughts of unworthiness can affect your confidence and stop you from being your true self…

How to know if you should stay single

Image by Dusan Petkovic on Shutterstock

Dating is incredibly time-consuming.

It takes up so much mental space, too. We think about people, daydream about possible partners, and generally overanalyze interactions. Dating is work. It can be fun but it is also very draining.

Nowadays, there can be pressure to be dating or at least flirting with someone. But there are plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t want to date. And honestly, you might not be ready. If you are not ready to date then that’s ok. Save your time and effort and think about if you are actually ready to date.

Here are 10 signs that…

It seems that sleep and libido are linked

Photo by Womanizer WOW Tech on Unsplash

Many individuals or couples attempt to increase their sex drive by turning to exercise or spicing things up in the bedroom. They read all of my articles on Medium and yet, don’t see any difference in their sex drive. Let me tell you one thing:

Without regular and quality sleep, you can apply all my tips and it won’t make any difference.

One of the most significant factors in our sex lives is our sleep. Both men and women need good sleep for their sexual health.

When I wasn’t getting enough sleep with my partner, I noticed that I had…

Foreplay in public is a fun game for both

Image by oneinchpunch from Shutterstock

Have you ever teased your partner in public before? Well, I have, and I understand the wonders of public teasing. There’s a pinch of taboo, danger, and suspense in the act of teasing his penis in public.

Despite being a very sexually driven woman, I grew up in a very conservative culture. I would have never considered giving a handjob under the dinner table — yet I did it seven years ago, with my boyfriend at that time. …

What about you?

Image by Roman Samborskyi from Shutterstock

Yesterday, I was a bohemian for a night. My friend, a professional singer, invited me to her birthday gathering with her other artist friends. There were musicians, acrobats, singers, and dancers. We watched the sunset by the beach, ate empanadas, danced salsa, and played guitar. There were good vibes — and of course, weed.

I rarely smoke weed, so novice, I didn’t even know how to light the pipe. I also didn’t know how to smoke without coughing. With the help of my new hippie friends, I was able to take some puffs. We started feeling good and laughing about…

Spend time in nature, be creative, and bond with your date.

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Spring is the season we have all been waiting for. It’s the perfect time to go on a date outdoors and soak up the sun.

Coincidence or not, I’ve always started new relationships in spring — with some exceptions. After winter, my body would send signals that he’s ready to “make babies” and men would approach me more…I’ve always found unique and creative date ideas that would bring me closer together to my partner. I would go smell the flowers and try new things together. I would get outside and enjoy nature. …

With the right techniques, it can be orgasmic

Image by Forewer from Shutterstock

Breasts are beautiful in all their shapes and sizes, but they are much more than physical features to admire. Breasts are a source of deep and enjoyable pleasure for women.

I grew up thinking my breasts were too small and, therefore, would shy away from letting my past lovers play with them. It wasn’t until I found out about breast massage that I knew my breasts could bring me true pleasure.

Breasts and nipples are an erogenous zone that, if stimulated with the right techniques and patience, can lead to orgasm. Men are naturally drawn to give breasts and nipples…

I needed to hate you to find me.

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash

Today, I don’t love you anymore.

You broke up with me a hundred times, and today, there is nothing left within me. To love you would mean to hate me.

You have punched the wall in rage. « Violence, violence,» I screamed, fearful, hoping I wouldn’t be the next thing you’d punch. I heard you saying back that I was the violent one.

Today, my eyes can’t look at the hole in the wall — it is the same hole that you left in my heart.

You said you wanted space, and so you demanded that I become invisible.


It can significantly improve your relationship

Image by gpointstudio from Shutterstock

Expressing your sexual needs to your partner during sex makes a significant difference in a relationship. However, for some people, it’s a very challenging task. Maybe you’ve thought “I wish he does more of that,” hoping he would just read your mind. Or maybe you’ve refrained from expressing your needs for fear of rejection or judgment.

Not expressing your sexual needs to your partner can leave a bitter taste to an experience. Expressing them could actually strengthen intimacy and pleasure.

I’m lucky; I’ve always been able to express my needs during sex. However, I know it’s not the case for…

How to create even more pleasure during sex

Image by fizkes from Shutterstock

Do you want to improve your sex game and drive your partner crazy? Well, stimulating erogenous zones is the next-level foreplay that will make sex better.

You might think erogenous zones are only body parts. Our skin is the largest organ and has tons of nerve endings. Applying intimate touch on certain parts such as the nape of the neck, the scrotum, the breasts, or the nipples can be very arousing.

But hear me out — erogenous zones are more than sensually caressing different parts of your lovers’ skin! There are more orgasmic points that are stimulated during sex.


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