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The ultimate form of foreplay for an intense sexual buildup

Do you want to know the secrets of a foreplay that’s going to drive her absolutely wild?

You see, women are in general more sensual when it comes to sex. For many, foreplay is the key ingredient for explosive orgasms and even more fun in the bedroom. That’s because the majority of women find it difficult to orgasm with penetration alone.

So why not blow her mind with these 10 ways to play with her pussy without even taking her panties off? It will bring both of you closer together, edging towards even higher levels of arousal and sexual bliss.

#1: Use a wearable sex toy with remote control

And how can you heal from it?

Are you that lonely princess in the tower alone and miserable? Forever scanning the horizon for the knight of your dreams?

“Happy ever after” only goes along with “once upon a time” — they both belong in fairy tales.

Children’s stories are filled with the handsome prince and the helpless princess. And just to let you know that there is no charming prince trapped in the body of a frog. No matter how many stories are told of princes saved by the kiss of the princess.

I remember this time when I was dreaming of Prince Charming. I thought that…

Talk dirty like you mean it

We’ve all crossed the bridge when we have to do something extra to get the satisfaction we need in bed. Some need verbal motivation to keep on going till the end. That’s where dirty talk comes in.

My current partner is quite fond of such naughty ideas. However, sex-talk — aka dirty talking––is not something I feel particulary comfortable with. It is a new concept to me. And despite him guiding me step-by-step, I’m still hesitant that I might screw it all up.

So the other day, I went online and did a lot of research. And as it turns…

It is time to be unapologetically confident

Sex can be a daunting, embarrassing, and vulnerable experience for many people.

Past experiences, low self-esteem, and body shame can affect the quality of your sexual encounters. It doesn’t matter how attractive you are or how good your skills in bed are. When you are self-conscious and lack confidence, you most likely will not enjoy the experience.

I’ve experienced body shame. I was always a bit self-conscious about my breasts when I was naked during sex. They were small. In fact, they barely existed. I remember my friends back in college teasing me for being flat-chested. I tried wearing push-up…

Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

I believe that a male erection is the most symbolic expression of masculinity. It has inspired artists since the caveman. You might have seen beautiful paintings, drawings or sculptures of erect penises in a museum or somewhere.

And just as penises come in different sizes, shapes and tastes, there are also different types of erections.

An erection can happen by physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual stimulation too. And when that happens, it’s another level of connection and pleasure you don’t want to miss out on.

So how does an erection work on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level…

I’m recovering now and taking a break from writing

Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

Last month, I netted about $5000 dollars writing about topics I love. Subjects that excite me like sexuality and health. I spent entire weekdays and weekends writing until I burned out and had to slow down.

In May of 2021, I published seven articles on Medium. That’s half of what I usually write. In addition, I wrote about 20 articles for private companies and clients in the health and sex-education industry. I even wrote a TV campaign for a giant company and a script for a Youtube Celebrity with more than 1M followers.

My passion was writing. My motivation, of…

And which positions are the best for cuddling

My friend Lisa cannot start the day without cuddling with her partner. She spends 15 minutes every day in bed, cuddling with her partner before going on with her day. This makes her feel happier and ready to start her day on the right foot.

Some other people without partners pay for others to cuddle them. For example, Robin Marie, a professional cuddler based in the USA, earns $80 an hour to satisfy the needs of her clients.

This leads one to think. If people are willing to pay for cuddles, it is because there are some valid reasons and…

5 things you should know

I spent 8 years in Japan in my twenties and early thirties. I had two Japanese boyfriends during that time, and they would avoid having sex with me. At the time, I thought something was wrong with me. I felt this way until I left Japan and got engaged to a North American man. I was crazy in love, and we had a great time in the beginning. As the relationship evolved, he began to lose his sexual interest in me, and the sex became boring. …

#4: They don’t date one man at a time

Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

My best friend Louise is the queen of attraction. I have never seen anyone who had so many men doing everything possible to win her heart. Surprise dinners and cross-country trips to share a coffee with her are just the norm. It didn’t matter if they were young or old, short or tall, rich or poor — they would do the impossible to spend time with her.

It made me curious. How does she do that? I asked her and she told me something that I’ll always remember.

There are two kinds of women in this world. Women who know…

The question I always ask when I start dating someone.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

You may roll your eyes at this pick-up line, “What’s your sign?” But astrological compatibility is a great method for navigating your relationships.

I like to analyze my date’s full birth chart based on astrology. I try to identify our compatibility and chances for the long term. Assessing compatibility can prevent heartbreaking experiences.

My astrologer told me to avoid dating Marsian (yeah I know it sounds weird). At first, I didn’t know what it meant. …

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